Mental health and productivity during lockdown

The Corona-virus lockdown has surprised everyone and emerged the need to adapt to a completely new lifestyle. For some it is easy but for many, it can be still hard and mentally exhausting to make a way for new habits. It has been a few months already and since the lockdown happened I have struggled to adjust myself to continue working on my goals equally productive while staying healthy both physically as well as mentally, as before the lockdown. I was wondering what can I do to maintain my positive attitude and mood and stay creative with maintaining the healthy work-life balance, even while spending most of the time at home isolating myself from others.

I did a lot of research about mental health and productivity as this whole situation was quite new to me. Spending a lot of time at home in isolation negatively influenced my perception of reality and decreased motivation for up-keeping with my goals. So I started to work on my mindfulness, do more stretching, listening to calm music and reading. Which all have effectively helped me to deal with the poor mood. But, I also started using the LSW Mind Cards which really made me become more mindful of my thoughts and feelings. They provided me with the tools needed to take more control of the mood and happiness as well as focus on the present and spread more positivity during this difficult time. I highly recommend the cards for yourself or as a gift for your friends or anyone in your family.

How to use the LSW Mind Cards?

Each day you will need to select a card at random and take the action stated on the card. Building the habit of making positive choices each day will help you lead a more fulfilling and happier life.

What do LSW Mind Cards involve?

45 individually designed cards with round corners presented in a beautiful lidded box. The cards are split across the following 5 categories: Kindness, Ritual, Gratitude, Journal, Reflection.

To find out more information on how to improve the mental health and productivity with the LSW Mind Cards click on the link below.

Learn more about the LSW Mind Cards

A hint of how the cards look like. They are so pretty which make them an ideal gift, but most importantly they are good content for your mind and soul. Visit the website for more pictures and information. A sweet reminder that the link is above the picture :]



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