Spring mood

I am not a big fan of Spring, I mean I was not until this year. Actually, I finally take more walks and enjoy the nature, flowers, fresh and green grass. I liked that before indeed, however I did not really appreciate the beauty of Spring season that much. In fact, I love summer and the second favourite season is autumn. To start with, summer reminds me of freedom, fun, sun and joy. Whereas, autumn reminds me of new beginnings, setting up new goals, reflecting on achievements and determining areas of improvement, but also working on myself reading more books, blogs, spending time with beloved ones. Which unlikely to the popular belief that New Years is a time for the new beginnings. For me, winter is more of a hectic time for me with the Christmas going on, New Years Eve and I hate the layers I have to put on to keep me warm. Spring was that one stop before the summer, but generally after a whole cold winter summer was the only thing I could think about. However, now I feel like a Spring is the time of awakening, taking fresh deep breaths and appreciating what is already achieved. It is the best time to connect with the Mother Nature and just slow down things, rest, relax.

Recently, I have been working on ‘decluttering’ my life, and staring enjoying simplicity. I used to always want a big birthday party, planned all summer with festivals and trips, do everything big like I was playing in some teenage movie. However, I discovered that I am the most happy when I plan minimal and just enjoy things at a low effort of mine. I used get stressed over planning huge things but now I am just trying to put first what is the most important and use my energy wisely. I also ‘decluttered’ my wardrobe to make some simple but comfortable fits that I like and still look good in them. For example, this is my fit below with simple top, shorts and Nike shoes. I added some golden jewellery and long Nike socks to make it more interesting. And I just feel the best in this style.




Top: HM

Shorts: River Island

Shoes and socks: Nike



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