Neutrals, sporty, casual look & martens

Another casual look post. I am in love with this minimalist, sporty, casual fashion trend  that has gradually took over Instagram and fashion platforms. A year ago I would thought ‘what is special about the jeans and a simple hoodie’, but soon I discovered the simplicity it the essence of a good wardrobe.  And it is more of basic clothes and adding accessories game rather than extra fashion pieces from head to toes. Of course there is nothing bad in the second option however I feel like the basic clothes cleverly put together with the right accessories can create an efficient effect ‘wow’ even better than when having an extravagant look which is very high-key, and tells other people ‘hey look at me’ very straightforward. I can tell I am team basic but classic.

In fact, years ago I would only buy creative, colourful and ‘extra’ fashion pieces as worth my attention. However, often I ended up having nothing to wear! Believe me, I would have only one pair of basic black jeans and one white t-shirt as I never really thought of spending a lot of money on simple clothes that everyone wear. Here, my logic of thinking was a bit not clear, as I was not really convinced to the idea of having a few good simple tops and bottoms that I could mix together later and create several different outfits. See, my clothes were extra but so different from each other I could barely make 3 good outfits with one clothing. It is okay to buy something extravagant, however only when you have the enough neutrals in your wardrobe. Otherwise, it is a waste of money I am sure of it. You end up wearing it a few times ending up in the thought that you cannot much it with anything anymore. If it sounds familiar, yes it was me too long time ago.  Now I enjoy low-key, comfy, basic style and rather invest in extra accessories!



Hoodie: Miss Selfridge

Bottom: Levis

Shoes: Dr Martens

Bumbag: New Look


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