My Summer Utopia

Hey all,

This is this time of the year when the hype over winter is slowly dying and desire for the sun and summer days is significantly increasing! I feel like I really look forward the summer and just a month ago I was enjoying snowy Christmas. Crazy! Nevertheless, due to my summer moods I really want to share some summer photos I took during my month holidays back at my home. I spent every day sunbathing, driving to the lake, enjoying the walks in the pretty city centre. I really charged my batteries there with a of fresh air coming from mountains, quietness and beautiful nature. Have a look at pictures from the lake Solina, it is actually a very touristy place in Poland.

And here below is the city centre in my beautiful town! Sanok. It’s pretty isn’t it? 🙂

Still Sanok, my hometown 🙂


As you may notice in the far sight there is a city centre of Sanok and you can see the two well-known churches. Below I captures some sunflowers 🙂

I love it because there are so many green paths you can go in Sanok and just relax!

And here is one of the two churches that are located in city centre.

And here is Rzeszow and the old town 🙂 The city is the biggest one in the whole county and one that develops the fastest in the Country. It’s just 1.5h from my home town, yay! There are plenty of things to go and do there, but I truly am a fan of old architecture so there are a few pictures from the Rzeszow Old Town.

  Last two photos are from Rymanow-Zdroj which is one of the nicest places in Bieszczady area in Poland where you can relax, enjoy the nature but also drink and source pure spring water with various minerals that improve different ilnesses and generally improve health! Nice one. 🙂

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