How to stick to your goals. Step-by-step guide

Pursuing the dream

Hey all. We are all humans and we make mistakes. We do procrastinate and we do tend to be lazy. How to be always on the top of all things and pursue your goals consistently and effectively. Everyone has different ways of pursuing their daily targets, monthly objectives, yearly goals and lifetime dreams. If we think about a dream it may seem to be to far away from what we are capable of doing, we may think it is not possible to stick to your goals or the idea of how much effort it takes overwhelm us and we give up. But why?

The real reason of why we give up on our goals.

The problem of our doubts lies in our over-thinking, imagination, making big deal rather that putting the thing in a simple context. So the key to sticking to a goal is to think simple. Once you change your mindset everything becomes clearer. Help yourself reading this simple step-by-step guide on how to stick to your goals.

How to achieve your goals easily and get what you want.

  1. Write down your goal.
  2. Think about how far you are from acheiving this goal.
  3. Think about what you need to achieve this goal and what resources you already have.
  4. Use your resources and make a plan on how you will get the other things that will help you being closer to your goal.
  5. Once you have a plan, you know what you need to do. Make sure you do not try to get all the things at the same time. Allow yourself a time a achieve the smaller objectives.
  6. Now: how to utilize your plan. -> Do not overthink. Just do it.
  7. TIP! Everyday day allow yourself 10 minutes on the activity that get you closer to your goal.
  8. After this time, ask yourself if you want to keep going. Most of the times starting is the hardest part to do. It is easier to kick off if you know that you don’t need to jump a milestone, however once you start it is easier to pursue the activity.
  9. Make sure you do not have excuses. Everyone has a free 10 minutes in a day.
  10. Keep on doing small things everyday without a pressure 😉
  11. From time to time such as once a week assess what you have done so far and what you think you need to focus next. It is good to write down your thoughts but it’s okay if you just keep in mind what things you can do in the next days and weeks, everyday, that will get you closer to your goal.
  12. Keep in mind that it’s not a big deal, ever. Think about the activities and keep them in mind. Just do it. And allow yourself a time to get there. Think simple and straight. Do not complicate the things.

Pursue your dreams pep-talk.

Following these steps and tips will help you achieve any goal you want. Also, remember when you assessing your progress, you assessing your journey not everyone else. So do not compare to other but yourself. Once again, know what activities you can do to get closer to a goal. Do them daily. Not a big deal. Just start without overthinking and see where it leads you.

Make sure you are healthy! With mind and body. It’s important to take care of yourself. Read my other article to get some tips around this topic: How to feel happy, energized and inspired – Life hacks to stay positive

Last but not least, avoid punishing and rewarding yourself. If you did so, the idea of acheiving a goal might become associated with a duty, something nobody likes. Just keep this in always mind: Just do it. It’s not a big deal.

Hope this helps!




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