Denim Jacket Casual Look

Hey all,

It’s another outfit post. This time I’ll show you the casual outfit for the slightly warmer weather, it means you could wear this 90% of all times in the UK. Actually, the day I wore this set was very cloudy as well, and even it started to rain. But this huge, oversized jeans jacket saved me from getting soaking wet. It’s so nice, I wear it so often as it suits a lot of my summer outfits and I often put this on when it gets a bit chilly in the evening. It’s made from a thick jeans material which makes it even better.

In addition to that, I wore my all-time white Nike sneakers. Very comfy and pretty. I feel like I’ve been wearing them most of this summer. This model is not the typical Nike Airforce which I also love, but this time I went for the Nike Court Borough sneakers which are very similar but cheaper! And not so many people have them in a white low version since I’ve seen so many people having Airforce white model. It’s a nice change for someone who wants to save money or is a bit hipster-ish like me.

The rest of the outfit: White Top Shop top, which I have posted previously.  Again, it’s a nice alternative to a simple white crop top, as it has a little heart on it and a ‘love-stuck’ sign on the sleeves which I love. I feel like it adds a bit of character, flirt, and fun to this simple top and I can easily associate with being love-struck as well haha.

Bottom: Simple but not simple leggings with a wide, blue stripe on a side. I have purchased them at my favourite shop – Forever 21. They are made from silky material which makes them a bit fancier. I would not wear them to the gym but I love wearing them to casual and sporty outfits.

Have a look <3

I would forget about the necklace! It’s purchased at Gem and Co and it’s so lovely. All the jewelry I have bought online from this company is just gorgeous. They have silver and gold versions on almost all of the products. But I am in love with the gold goodies from them. If you would be interested in buying anything from Gem and Co you can use my code ‘magda20’ and you’ll save 20% off!

Below, have a look at the outfit without the jacket on.

Once again what I wore <3

Top: Topshop

Jacket: Second-Hand Store

Bottom: Forever 21

Shoes: Nike Court Borough

Necklace: Gem & Co


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