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We all do love outfits and fashion inspiration. Don’t we? I could spend hours looking for new outfit ideas on Pinterest, Instagram or blogs. However, I have noticed that many clothes sets are repeating. I am seeing many girls wearing similar clothes in the same colors such as brown long coats with vans or white chunky sneakers, then I cathed myself (many times!) looking almost identical as other girls on the streets. Obviously, there are some clothes that look perfect together, hence they are popular and you can notice them often. Like, black leather jacket with white top and long light blue jeans. Simple and classy. Still, overrated!

Alternative fashion vs classic outfits

Sometimes I just want something fresh, but often, experimenting with fashion and outfits makes me feel like classy is still better. Is there any solution? Well, there were times when I felt like it’s inevitable to “look like others” in order to look gorgeous, however, I’ve found a better idea to deal with this! Maybe it’s nothing new, but I feel like it works for me perfectly, so maybe it’ll work for you 😉 It’s alternative fashion. But, well not exactly alternative!

To avoid confusion I quickly explain. According to the internet, An Alternative fashion is a fashion that, at least at one time, stood apart from mainstream commercial fashionSounds fresh, isn’t it? However, when you are not experienced, don’t know where to start or you want do not want to go over the top with your outfit, it may be hard to actually make equally good or even better clothes set that what mainstream fashion trends are telling you.

Well, not all fashion trends are good! To make it clear, I am talking about unique sets that you can see that are worn by crowds, that always look good, and usually are always trendy. Now, think about what are the most common patterns that you see in fashion. For me, it is a black belt with eye-catching gold or silver buckle. I’ve seen this accessory added to many outfits and actually, it makes the look more glamorous and interesting.

How to put together outfits

So how exactly make outfits? How to put the outfits together? How to stand out? How to create a fresh alternative outfit? What to look for? There are a couple of tips for this. First, start with the basic, classic outfit that you like. I will use the pattern that I’ve seen almost everywhere: caramel long coat which I mentioned before + white sneakers + black or light blue jeans + black top. Then, pick up one item from this set and start thinking about other shapes, details, and colors that you see rarely wearing by others.

For example, I wore black trousers, white Nikes, white top, black belt, and a light pink coat with a hoodie. I have found this coat in Zara and I fell in love with it… well not at first sight, but, I noticed this coat and allowed myself to think about how it differs from other coats. First, it’s not black, it’s not brown or gray, it’s pink, second, it has a big hoodie, what coat has a hoodie? I haven’t seen many. My thought was this coat is not cliche, it’s unique.  Then, I started to plan on how I could match this item with other clothes. I thought that if I keep the rest of the outfit simple and cliche it should look good and there we go.



Coat: Zara

Bottom: Topshop

Top: Miss Selfridge

Sneakers: Nike



My second option was to add another “unusual” element which is pink New Balance sneakers. Have you seen the most popular colors for these shoes? I saw black, brown, dark red and gray, but not pink. Actually, it reminded me of this pink coat, the same story. Therefore, I matched them together and it looked awesome to me! Well, not everybody will like this outfit. But what I have learned is that when I look for fashion inspiration I try to find a pattern that would suit me and then, pick up one or two wardrobe attributes that could make this pattern look more unusual. This kills fashion boredom and makes classic, well-known looks more interesting.



Coat: Zara

Bottom: Topshop

Sneakers: New Balance

Bag: H&M


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