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Hi huns,

First of all, I wish you all a good day. There is nothing more powerful than good energy vibrating from the inside throughout the whole day. Attitude. I would like to write a bit about the attitudes we all have and how they can influence our decisions, our reactions and our sake at the end of the day.

I would say I am not perfect at keeping my attitude always right. Actually, I would say I am the worst. I am a very moody person and my feelings can change a few times in an hour, however, I have been always aware of that and when I started to realize how my mood can dramatically change my day and what I can achieve during the day, I have tried to let go all the disruptive feelings and focus on what I am doing so instead of closing myself in the spiral of thoughts, just focus on what’s around.

Second thing – c h i l l. There is nothing better than be relaxed and have an easy-going approach to life. Whenever I came across any difficulty in life, something that triggered me to be nervous, angry, jealousy, I have always tried to let go of it. Still, it doesn’t mean to ignore it. Let go means to accept and embrace it, but at the same time trying to think of all the good things you already have and what you are capable of doing. Make it to a plan and start working. That is called inner motivation. In fact, we don’t need watching YouTube mentors to realize how worthy we are and what are our capabilities. We are all strong and beautiful. It just has to come from the inside.

Be thankful for everything this world brings to you, and it wakes up your willingness to make changes. The third thing is to keep a healthy distance to yourself and what surround you. Say no to comparing, start getting inspired, say no to hate, start appreciating the differences, say no to drama, start minding your own business. Laugh from the mistakes, learn your lesson and stay positive. Things will be better.

Don’t trust everybody and be cautious with people. With this trust your gut feelings and let it be natural. We all have bad days, don’t underestimate the power of relaxing. If you need to spend a day doing nothing, just do it and enjoy every moment of it. If you need 2 days, take two. Be reasonable and listen to your body. It’s always right 🙂

So one more time, learning to have the right attitude no matter what is important for everybody to get what’s the best from this life. It’s hard work to achieve this and personally, I am still working on that. But I noticed how changing my mindset straight away in the current time have improved my situations so many times, it’s so so so worth it. Do you think that any discouragement would matter to you if you know you can do it? I don’t think so!

Lots of love







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