Day in Manchester highlights

Hi all,

Enjoy the photos from the Manchester ❤️

It was the first time I had a pleasure to spend more time in Manchester and discover its beautiful hipster/industrial architecture. The city reminds me of Lodz in Poland or a mix of the cities: Lodz, Cracow, and London. It was so lovely, and I would definitely go there again.

What for? Hmm..  for shopping in a big mall, sitting by the Northern Quarter or have a walk along the canal. The city is bustling with life.

There are so many places to go where you can eat, drink, chill or go clubbing. And everything is really with a walking distance, unlikely to London where often you need to take a tube to travel even in the city center. In Manchester, most of the places to go out are in the close distance of each other. It’s very easy to change places and explore more without paying for transport.

Also, I would recommend seeing the Picaddily and China Town as well. Oh, and go to the museum! It’s beautiful, but what I like the most in the city is that there are so many good places to go while it is very easy to navigate and to remember ways as the streets are crossing under 90 degrees which is really helpful! For me at least haha.

You have everything in one place, or close, shopping centers, food, quarters, clubs and so and so 🙂 And people are so colorful what really matches the hipster vibe of the city.


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