Elan’s Cafe London – the pinkiest place on earth!

Hello Lovelies,

If you are a fan of pink colour, desserts, hot chocolate, comfy sofas and inspiring surroundings, or at least one of them, I have found a perfect place for you! It’s Elan Cafe <3 I was in of the 2 cafes which are located in the Knightsbridge area in London.

I went there with friends for my best friend 21 birthday. We were amazed by how the place looks and how the drinks and desserts are good! We were waiting for the place for 1.5 hours but it was worth it in the end 😉 Have a look at the photos.

Pink overload <3 Cosy and sweet vibes. I love it! Do you see these sweets on the wall? Well, I wanted to eat them! seriously. Unfortunately, they are just decoration…

One of the many many beautiful desserts! The best is to pick up one of the desserts and choose coffee or hot chocolate to drink. They are unique so worth the price 😉 I wouldn’t recommend buying tea though. Overpriced and tasteless.

In Elan Cafe you can find Unicorns like this above and you can sit on them. It was so funny and awkward at the same time to have a go, but I did it haha. Behind me, there is a beautiful wall full of flowers. Do I look like a princess? Well, the princess wouldn’t wear sneakers haha! Still, I love this photo <3

Hoped you enjoyed the post and the photos 🙂




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