How to feel happy, energized and inspired – Life hacks to stay positive


Hi huns 💖

Today I’m gonna share with you some motivational tips that may be quite helpful in everyday’s life 🙂

Have you ever felt like you are victims of a routine and day by day loosing all the motivation? Is it your job or school that consume most of your time and you feel like it consumes all of your energy as well? Get inspired by my tips on how to stay positive no matter what!

Lifehacks to stay happy

Whatever it is that keeps you struggling with finding the real joy in life it doesn’t have to! I was writing about routine and lack of motivation in one of my previous posts ‘We went to Prague. Again.’ It’s amazing how traveling can be inspiring and refreshing. That’s why we all take holidays, isn’t it? To escape from your day to day life. To explore, to experience new things, to relax and to entertain.

But what if we can’t afford traveling that often as we feel we need it? Traveling is not the only way to escape. There are many, many things we can actually do to relax, enjoy the moment and charge our batteries.

How to stay energized without paying a penny

1. Go for a walk to the park or any other green place. Every week spend at least and hour on walking, focusing on breathing and on your body movements. Listen closely to the sounds of nature and observe what’s happening around you like falling leaves, birds on the trees or kids playing in the background. Embrace that you are part of nature and live in the moment.

2. Dance, cook, draw. Do something several times in the week that is creative and you enjoy doing it. Don’t overthink it. Having a creative hobby will free your mind and make you feel fulfilled. Even if it’s hard at first to leave your comfort zone, do it anyway, spend even a few minutes just like that and come back anytime during the day whenever you have free time. Try to choose it over watching TV or social media. Later, as you will get used to, it will become a nice habit, entertainment and maybe even passion.

3. Call a friend. Chatting on the phone with friend or family may be very relaxing and entertaining. Talking about your feelings and sharing experiences with a trusted person will help you fight the anxieties as well. Do it one a week. Choose a phone call over texting.

4. Drink herbal teas, eat organic vitamins and catch the sun whenever it’s possible. Herbal teas have many health benefits for you such as green tea helps you get rid of toxins from your body and boost your metabolism. Mint tea helps you with good sleep and stomach pains. Lemongrass tee warms your body nicely and boosts your immunity. There are many, many more of them that benefits you and your body 🙂 Remember to take vitamins. Nowadays, the food which we are buying in stores lacks vitamins and minerals. Unless you grow your own veggies and fruits… and have your own farm you don’t need to worry 😂 However, most of us don’t have that luxury, so we need supplements. Still, quality is very important. Choose organic vitamins as they are easily adapted by our body comparing to others. The most important ones are vitamin D, K, and C. They are working good as a team to improve our immunity as well as a good mood. Vit D will not be adopted by our body without vit K. And if it’s possible to catch the sun to get some natural vitamin D! To get daily minimum you need to stay exposed to the sun at 12 for at least 25 minutes.

5. Meet your friend! Meetings with a person you know you can spend a nice time with is so valuable. If you are leaving a meeting with a good mood it means that this is the right crowd to hang around 🙂

6. Sleep. Simple advice but we often forget to have a nice sleep. What does that mean? I will not advise you to sleep 8 hours cause every body is different so we all need a different amount of time (some people need only 6 or even 4 hours a day of sleeping). Before going to sleep reserve yourself and hour or two on preparing to sleep. Take a nice shower, use oils for your skin. I recommend argan oil 🙂 Do a massage to your body, stretch, read a few pages of a book, write down your thoughts. Maybe it’s worth making a list of things which you have accomplished that day and you are proud of. Take time for yourself, just relax, and then go to sleep. It’s important to avoid using any digital devices before sleep. Sticking to this will enhance the quality of your sleep and you will wake up much more energized and satisfied.

That’s it! 💪❤️

Small steps are the key to success!

After the early Autumn time, when I was struggling with the bad mood, lack of motivation, and stress, I worked out those simple habits that I mentioned above. Remember that once you will keep repeating them and deciding to leave your comfort zone, pushing yourself a bit more often towards getting better health you will feel much happier in the end.

Anyway, those are very simple tips that work for me very well! You can try them as well and see what is best for you x

Hope you enjoyed this post 🙂


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