Winter in London a là Peggy Porschen, Winter Wonderland & Oxford Street day

Hello Lovelies 💖

I want to share with you some of my best photos from London. Last month I visited this place a few times like never! I live like 2 hours by train from the capital which doesn’t seem to be far however nothing attract me more to come here in winter before Christmas when the city looks so pretty, colourful and shiny and everywhere you go you can feel that warm Christmas vibe that makes you feel like home and you wanna come back to bring again that inner joy in your heart.

This year I chose to go finally to Peggy Porschen Cakes which I was dreaming to go but never had actually go while visiting London. The place looks amazing but most importantly they have delicious desserts. This lovely spot will be perfect cosy place to drink mulled wine with cinnamon and vanilla while eating raspberry lemon cake and getting warm when it’s very cold outside. Take a look x

Below, Christmas decorations outside the houses in the area of Peggy Porschen – West Minster/Victoria.

London Streets, and blueish sky. Happy me 💞😌View from Westminster Bridge

By night… and this is the second time I visited Winter Wonderland. It’s beautiful but be prepared to loose a lot of money! It is nice to walk around still though. However all the attractions are very tempting. My favourite were rollercoaster, ferris wheel, ice rink and all the food stands. Who is not the fan of Nutella pancakes, huh?

I can’t imagine a visit in London without going to Oxford Street. Look at all those lights in different shapes, you have angels, bubbles and even words which are actually the bits of lyrics from songs!

Enjoy the rest of the photos x

Outfit info.

Outfit 1 – jacket Cropp, bottom Top Shop, hat H&M, shoes Timberland

Outfit 2 – coat New Look, top Levi’s, bottom Top Shop

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