Disneyland Paris, is it worth visiting?

A place called the heaven for the broad imagination of little girls and boys. It may be hard to believe, but Disneyland was never my childhood dream. While being in Paris it would be the last thing I was thinking about, and I would rather choose sitting and to chill by the river in the city centre. Nevertheless, it was meant to be that way I guess as I landed there. Surprisingly happy and feeling blessed that I could be there. Disneyland has astonished me in so many ways. From the entrance, it looked so cool like you are in a different world. I made my first smile at that time. Exploring more and more I felt way more curious and fascinated when finally I was running, screaming and just having fun like a child! I admired the prettiness of pinky world of castles, grasses, and fountains where I took lots of pictures but I spent the most time in Adventure Land and West World. It’s so amazing! I was living my life there literally. Exploring giants houses on the tree, running through wild bridges, searching for hidden treasures in the rocks, having ridden on roller coasters that run through the mountains soo high! Except that I remember one awesome rollercoaster situated outside of those two worlds. It was Star Wars rollercoaster, the most unpredictable one. All the ride is in the dark inside the building. We were “riding through” planets and galaxies, meeting film characters which were passing us important messages, stopping sometimes, slowing down and then speeding up. This rollercoaster is super fast. Disneyland in Paris has one more wonderful thing. The maze, like in Alice in the Wonderland. As you enter it can take so much time to get out. It can be super hard or super easy, depends on your luck actually. The maze will keep your heart rate higher with the course of the time. It builds tension, curiosity, and excitement, but also… impatience 😛 Anyway its worth trying to go.

These were my favourite things about Disneyland. It’s definitely worth going both for adults and kids. I can say that adults can have even a way more fun as some attractions require suitable height. Also, when I asked some friends do they remember their trip to Disneyland when they were children, they barely remember anything. What can be annoying in Disneyland is waiting times for attractions especially on weekend and during the day. In the evening and in the mornings are less crowdy, but still it’s hard to go on every Disneyland attraction in a one day. It’s possible to visit the majority of them with a bit of wiliness and time management. Most probably it will take you 2 or 3 days to see everything. Fun fact, still, Disneyland in Paris is not the biggest one that exists. Also, be prepared for big prices and not the big variety of food to buy. If you are scared of cosmic prices, most probably you will finish with fast food. Unfortunately, you will have to rely on their supplies as own food is just inconvenient to carry all the time during your visit to Disneyland.

Still… a day in Disneyland will be living in your memory forever. It will definitely recompensate all expenses and small inconveniences. As I was so against going to Disneyland in Paris, now I can recommend you to go, whatever age you are 🙂 I’m 21 by the way 😛

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