Paphos, Cyprus trip travel guide and tips

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While being in Cyprus I also visited Paphos, another beautiful city situated on the west coast of the island. Actually, Paphos was one of the stops on our road trip around the island. I heard is worth visiting so I decided to spent there sometime by walking around and discover the beauties hidden in the city.

I had limited time but managed to see the Archeological Park in Paphos, which totally surprised me with its size and how it looks. While being there, you can actually feel like you are back in time to the ancient era. Unfortunately, as I visited the place at the end of the day my phone and camera soon were totally dead. I will try to describe it so you can use your imaginary 😉 Still, I managed to make maybe 3 or 4 photos of mosaics hidden in the houses of the ancient gods. Yes, the park is most famous from the houses of  Zeus, Dionizos, and Apollo. They look incredible from the outside, like majestic mansions, and inside you will find loads of different and interesting mosaics from different periods. If you enjoy history it will be double fun for you to see it. However, it’s also a lovely place to walk around. You will pass by lovely fields and find things such as ancient theater or other ruins.

To be honest I prefer the Archeological Site of Kourion (see another post: Ancient city of Kourion) because it is a much more history-packed place. Still, both places are free for students and mind that you will spend more time in Kourion than in Paphos Park. Also, the Park is located by the city center so it’s easier to reach anything else like other historical and cultural places. For example, the Castle of Paphos or catacombs. Also, it’s quite close to the best restaurant in Paphos I found!!! ;)) WINDMILL RESTAURANT <3 Try out Mezze! You will get so full with this small plates of various local food. Basically, instead of buying one meal, you will receive more than 20 dishes on small plates to try. It’s so fun to discover different tastes 🙂

Catch some photos from the Paphos <3

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